La Floret Hotel Yalong Bay - Sanya, Hainan, 572000, China

Reservation Policy

The price rate given is subject to real time change, so during the booking the actual occupancy Rates and Exchange rates which may differ and cause a change in cost.

The actual occupancy period may change, so we provide only estimates of the total amount. Guests may also be required to pay the Resort specific service fee. For further information, Please Contact Huayu Resort & Spa.

Favorable low prices are provided by the Resort. Reservation changes can be accepted, but prior to booking read the Resort Cancellation Policy, and understand that a change to an arrival date may cause a fee.

Cancellation policy
A. 3 days in advance before reserved dates.
If you cancel your reservation or do not show up to the Resort, we will charge the cardholder ONE night’s stay. Booked accommodation two days before check-out time that has not been cancelled will be given up and the Resort will no longer retain your reservation.
B. Within 3 - 30 days you may cancel reservation with no extra charge, 30 days after the reservation you may change arrangments and within 15 days prior to arrival.

Public Holiday Reservation cannot be changed or cancelled, if you require room cancellation, a fee of 100% of reservation will be charged.

Room rates are inclusive of 15% Service Charge,
NOT including the RMB11 local government price regulation fund.
Each room has a maximum of 3 Guests.

Additional costs
If charges are applicable, they will be added to your bill by Huayu Resort & Spa.
Please make sure you understand the Terms and Conditions.